Bandai Releasing Line Of Weaponized Cat Action Figures

May 21, 2018


What started as an April Fools' joke (remember: 9/10ths of all April Fool's jokes executed by companies are actually test marketing -- I'm looking at you, ThinkGeek) is becoming reality, and Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai is releasing a line of weaponized cat action figures. The Nekobusou ('Armored Cats') toys will range in price from 500 yen (~$4.50) for a basic figure ,and up to 1,388 yen (~$12.50) for one of the more elaborate ones. Of course they'll probably end up costing like $60 here in the U.S. because some jerk bought them all and is reselling them on eBay at a ridiculous markup. "You were right! It looks like the seller GWsToychest has got them all." Wow, what an a$$hole. *shrug* I guess we'll just have to pay though.

Keep going for several more shots of all the fun to be had.






Thanks to James M, who agrees cats are already deadly enough, but armored and weaponized? Unstoppable.

  • shashi

    hope this 'GWsToychest' person accepts non-conventional forms of payment

  • Jenness

    They really missed the boat by not having one of the joy kitties launch fireballs or grenades out of the waving paw. And as for a glimpse into my life, I have this exact cat on my desk right now: https://images-na.ssl-image...

  • shashi

    how very metal of you

  • Jenness

    OMG I want them!!!!

  • TheQiwiMan

    "Where are my testicles, Summer?"

  • Eric Ord


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