"Alexa, What's 10 To The Power Of 308?"

May 2, 2018


This is a video of Amazon's Alexa answering 'What's 10 to the power of 308?" SPOILER IN CASE YOU FAILED MATH AS MANY TIMES AS I DID: there are a lot of zeros. Although it's interesting how she changes the inflection of 'zero' ever so often, then at 1:13 switches to 'O's' and sounds like a robot climaxing for forty-five seconds straight. Admittedly (and shamefully), it was a lot sexier than I had anticipated. "So...." So I won't be taking my typical morning stroll around the office is what I'm saying. Tell Phil he'll need to make fun of himself until lunch.

UPDATE: Also added a British version (thanks Carsten), which is almost entirely orgasm and may be too hot to handle.

Keep going for the unexpectedly titillating video.

Thanks to hairless, who caught me listening to this audio while looking up pictures of Rosie The Robot.

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