A Ten Minute Video Compilation Of Satisfying Things

May 23, 2018


(Above) Styrofoam melting and probably smelling fantastic.

This is a ten minute video compilation of a ton of different satisfying things to watch. There's melting things, cutting things, painting things, sculpting things, glasswork, magnets, candle and wax seal making, flowers blooming -- you name it. It's perfect if you're stressed at work and need a few minutes to realign your chakras. It is not perfect to watch while you're driving. What are you doing reading Geekologie while you're driving anyways? Geekologie isn't written to be read behind the wheel, it's written to be read in bed with a lover before it's time to....you know. "No I don't know." Roll over in opposite directions and go to sleep. Dream of me?

Keep going for the video, but feel free to skip around (you have my permission).

Thanks to becca b, who agrees the most relaxing thing to watch of all time is somebody else preparing food for you.

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