A Rick And Morty Portal Umbrella With Rick's Middle Finger That Appears When It's Wet

May 15, 2018


This is the Rick and Morty "The Bird" Color Changing Umbrella available from ThinkGeek ($25). Rick's middle finger appears when the umbrella is wet. When it's dry, it's just a white blob that kinda looks like a penis blasting off for outerspace. I just bought one and I'm going to open it in the shower to see if it works. "Aren't you worried about bad luck?" Please, that's just a silly superstition -- I've been opening umbrellas indoors for years and my life has remained unformly terrible the entire time. *slips and falls, gets penis stuck in drain* Oh not again.

Keep going for one more shot of the umbrella in its sheath, which features the same design.


Thanks to Terrance, who's only happy when it rains. Me too, and it never rains here.

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