A Phone Swing That Tricks Your Phone Into Thinking You're Walking

May 23, 2018

This is a video demonstration of a phone cradle spotted at a restaurant in China that swings your phone and tricks it into registering those swings as steps, apparently so patrons who work for companies that offer healthy insurance discounts for walking a certain amount of steps per day (typically 10,000 -- roughly 8km/5-miles, or about an hour and forty minutes of walking) can meet their quota "while dining, drinking, and smoking." Cheating the system, I like it. My girlfriend actually signed us up for a similar program and I showed her this and she told me she'd actually prefer to get the exercise and that I should stop being so lazy. *tapes phone to dog harness, lets her loose in backyard* How we're together I'll never know.

Keep going for the full video in case the gif wasn't enough for you, even though it definitely should have been.

Thanks to Laurie L, who agrees the key to getting a lot of walking exercise is wrecking your car and not trusting bus drivers.

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