You Did It Wrong: Silo Demolition Goes Awry

April 11, 2018


Note: Skip to 2:10 for the actual demolition. Everything prior is just a loud horn. Who edits these videos?

This is a video of a silo demolition in Vordingborg, Denmark that partially destroys the public library when the silo decides to fall left instead of right. No word how many people trying to coyly look at p0rn on the library's public computers were injured, but I assume they had the building evacuated because that's what you do when you hire the lowest bidding demolition company. In related news, that wasn't even the silo that was supposed to be demolished.

Keep going for the video, but again, skip to 2:10.

Thanks to SE, who agrees they couldn't have done any more the opposite of what they were hoping.

  • JimmyJam

    Alas, that book on "The Physics of Demolition" was destroyed, having never been checked out during it's long tenure in the library....

  • Talon184

    So, did they rebuild it and try again?

    I'd have rebuilt it and tried again.

  • Jenness

    I don't why, but I always feel like the Danish people act sooo superior. Ahh glorious schadenfreude ..

  • GeneralDisorder

    Must be because of that time they won that one really important naval battle because their much stronger opponent managed to sink themselves. I can't recall which one that was.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    You could say it went "sideways"... It really 'broke bad'...

  • Meh

    More than 2 minutes in, jesus something is happening. Oh well

  • Doog

    The lack of cheering and clapping tells you both that this didn't go as planned and didn't take place in America.

  • Munihausen

    That was one unimpressed crowd.

  • Doog

    Right. Like how many of these have they seen in person that seeing this didn't impress them in the slightest

  • Draco Basileus

    Dr. Ian Malcolm would be proud.

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