Well That Was Satisfying: Video Of An Ultra-Sharp Knife Repeatedly Slicing Halved Grapes

April 20, 2018


These are several short Instagram videos of Austin, Texas based professional knife sharpener 'Iron to Adamant' demonstrating the results of his professional knife-sharpening by repeatedly slicing through a line of halved grapes. Now that is a sharp blade. Now stick it between the ribs of one of my enemies and give it a twist! "Um, what?" I meant cut my steak into cubes for me, I'm five.
"Wow." And pass the ketchup.

Keep going for the videos.

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Thanks to Hoytt, who knows what I like, and I like blades. Plus ninja stars.

  • The_Wretched

    Step 1: 3 card monty the grapes.

  • themaskedcrusader

    I'm glad that guy isn't my chef. Sure, the knife is sharp, but the grime on his hands is disgusting.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm still angry that Microtech didn't hire me back when they opened their factory in Bradford, PA. On the other hand I have a great job now but at the time I had no job and would have loved being a professional knife sharpener for the company who makes the coolest switchblades on the planet.

    I could have also worked for Case or Zippo. Either would have been cool-as-fuck.

  • Doog

    Ketchup on a steak? You monster!

  • Bling Nye

    Fuck I hope that guy doesn't work in food service, look how dirty his fingers and hands are.


    EDIT: Oh, apparently I can read after all... "professional knife sharpener"... ok... but still man, wash your fucking hands if you're going to handle food and we're gonna see your shit crusted fingers that close up. Shit.

  • Ollie Williams

    Slower you slut.

  • Jenness

    I prefer hearing this the old fashioned way: https://i.imgur.com/5ZvOj42...

  • Nancy P. Steil

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  • See these are the old type of bots I appreciate. Picture of a hot girl, and then some random gibberish about making money from home... no AI bullshit copying my comments or referencing inside jokes from when I was in 3rd grade like some skynet shit.

    Thanks Nancy-bot. In the coming AI holocaust, I you can be one of the good bots that fights with us instead of against us.

  • Jenness

    This is pretty impressive, my grapes aren't nearly sliced thinly enough for my royal liking.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I'll slice your grapes IFYOUKNOWWHATIMEAN


  • Jenness
  • TheQiwiMan

    ...wow I didn't realize I was hitting on an octogenarian..

    (To be clear, I’m still down)

  • Jenness

    You aren't, I just have always held an appreciation for those who value hedonism

  • TheQiwiMan
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