Well That Was Interesting: Artist Imagines The Sounds Animated Signs Might Make

April 25, 2018

Because everybody needs a hobby, this is 'Loud Signs', a series of videos created by artist Mike Harro who adds what he believes are the sound effects animated signs would make if they actually made sounds. In this case, the signs of a Los Angeles taco truck, liquor store, medical marijuana doctor, storage rental place, and a check-cashing business. Admittedly, those are the sounds those signs make in my head. I mean, when they're not telling me to set my roommate on fire. "Um, what?" Forget I said anything. Hey do you have a lighter?

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Joanne, who agrees it's only a matter of time until all these signs do make sounds and text you when you walk by.

  • GeneralDisorder

    This reminds me of when I took acid and played video games for 12 hours.

  • shashi

    before the YouTube gaming video intros...

  • Kamaki

    Thanks for the seizure. (Not a joke)

  • Jenness

    Not sure this is art but it is rather amusing.

  • river jester

    Anything can be art. He could have not even made a video and just took a picture of a sign and called it photography. So I would say this counts.

  • Ghost Pirates

    Artist gets idea while really high and looking at local taco truck.

  • Eric Ord

    The sounds my animated sign might make:





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