Wait, Was That The Trick?: Skateboarder's Ultra-Smooth Wipeout Recovery

April 23, 2018

This is a video of skateboarder Na-Kel Smith wiping out while attempting a trick down some stairs and recovering from the fall in the most graceful way possible. How did he do that? Is his shoulder made out of rubber? Because I sprained both wrists AND broke my leg off below the knee just watching him. I'm not a very good faller. Truthfully, I'm not a very good anything, BESIDES LOVER. "I find that hard to believe." Honey!

Keep going for a short reel of Smith's other fine trickery.

Thanks to my buddy Dave L, for reminding me of the days we used to do sick grinds on our Rollerblades in DC.

  • CDW in PC

    That city worker in the yellow vest looked like he was on his way to break up the party...

  • Victor QuyUy

    For me, playing this kind of sport without protection is just simple stupid :)

  • captaindash

    Not really. Your dick doesn't come into play.

  • asdfadfs

    if thats the trick he should work it out so he ends up back on the board at the end. that would be the rad sick gnasty(sic)

  • Maurice B

    Wow,these kids now-a-days they are taking the game to new street heights.
    I remember when I used to do the little wall ride thing and roll up grab the board and hop back on off of a certain height or whatever...

  • Talon184

    How can some people make falling look graceful when I can't even make looking graceful look graceful?

  • Bling Nye

    Friend of mine is like this, he's like a goddamn cat ninja... one time we were biking and I saw him get a stick stuck in his front wheel, which hit the fork, locked the wheel and sent him over the handlebars. ANYBODY else would've face planted hard, but this motherfucker leaps off and hits the ground running, not even a stumble. I was like, WHAT, NO BACKFLIP?!?!! ... he was also notorious for back-flipping off of really high shit into pools and lakes, etc..

  • Andrew

    some skin was lost

  • Mark

    I wish my knees could do that still...

  • Doog

    If he had popped up and landed on the board that would have been amazing!

    I mean it's still pretty darn impressive.

  • MustacheHam

    grace with fall-y...puns aside, this is a very impressive recovery.

  • Eric Ord

    Wait was that a first? Eric Ord's ultra smooth first comment.

  • Mark

    Actually, you have commented many times so it's no longer your first.

  • Eric Ord


  • SmokeThatSkinWagon
  • Jenness


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