Video Of Some Sweet Power Line Arcing During An Ice Storm

April 20, 2018

Note: Some brief, appropriate language.

This is a video shot from outside a gas station in Ypsilanti, Michigan during an ice storm that causes the power lines in the area to enter arc-madness mode. They almost sound like a jet flying overhead. It sucks Ben Franklin wasn't around to see this, it probably would have blown his mind. Or at least blown his bifocals off. Did you know I wear bifocals? "Because you need them?" No...I just put my dad's on whenever I want to get dizzy in a hurry. "You're a wild child, GW." I sure am. Plus when I was six I'd lost a lot of baby teeth and my adult teeth still hadn't grown in yet so I'd use my grandma's dentures whenever I wanted to eat jerky.

Keep going for the whole video. Also, can an arcing power line cook a hotdog? I'm asking for a friend with a hotdog on a string.

Thanks to Christian, who would have stopped that arcing with one well-thrown pair of shoes tied together.

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