Very Informative: Video Of A Guy Filling Car Tires With Concrete

April 3, 2018


This is a wonderfully translated video of a (Russian?) man filling four car tires with concrete (after using engine cleaner and a long torch to demount the tires from the wheels), then driving on them. The results are surprisingly impressive. So impressive I just filled my own tires with concrete so I never have to stop for air again. Amazingly, my gas mileage is the exact same as before. RIDDLE: How can that be? "You drive a bicycle." I knew you were a thinker!

Keep going for the actually very entertaining video (the voice-over translation is definitely value-add). I also liked the cat.

Thanks to shmash, who plans on filling four car tires with fireworks and joining my neighborhood stunt spectacular this year. It's going to be the biggest and best yet!

  • GeneralDisorder

    "What happens when you fill tires with concrete"

    Well, you get banned from the demo derby circuit for one.

  • Geekologie

    I didn't see anything about that in the rules

  • GeneralDisorder

    All depends who's running the show. Each location will publish rules in advance.

    Some places only allow regular tires filled with air. Some allow tire foam, some allow bias ply tires, some are ok with stuffed tires (that's a tire inside a tire over an inner tube). My local fairgrounds disqualified a driver in the middle of a heat because his gross tire water sprayed the crowd.

  • shashi

    genius unvention

  • Matt

    so he wasted our time by not curing the concrete right? and this tells us nothing, other than russians are silly


    Get er Dun!!

  • Get it out on the open road! Freeway speeds it'll smooth right out im sure.

  • Bro Jones

    just like the earth flattened from spinning 1000 mph

  • Doog

    I thought he lost at least one finger at the 2:00 mark.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Close one!

  • ward00

    silly russian

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