Valuable Information: Hollerin' Contest Champions Discuss The Skill And Its Usage

April 19, 2018


This is a Great Big Story video about hollerin' champions Tony Peacock, Robbie Goodman and Sheila Frye, all of whom have won first place in the Heritage Hollerin' Festival (previously known as the National Hollerin' Contest prior to 2013) that's taken place every year in Spivey's Corner, North Carolina since 1969. What the hell is hollerin'? It's "a controlled sound that farmers used to communicate with one another before they had modern conveniences like electricity or telephone." Interesting. Some more info while I holler at a coworker to help me tip the vending machine:

There isn't just one type of holler. There are actually four types of hollers. Number one - functional. It serves a purpose such as calling down to a field or calling up from a field when you needed something. Number two - communicative. You're communicating a message such as good morning, good evening. Number three - distress you need help. Number four - expressive. Just for sheer fun many times that could be in the form of tunes or ditties.

Four different types of hollers! Who knew?! Truly fascinating stuff. Although, personally, I only have one type of holler: the one I make while rushing into battle with my broadsword drawn. "You sound like a baby crying." That's to confuse and bewilder the enemy. "But you're running the wrong way." Yeah...we were totally outnumbered and I don't feel like dying today.

Keep going for the fascinating video.

Thanks again to K Diddie, who agrees we should all just throw our cell phones away and start hollerin' again.

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