Ultimate Power (And Comfort): A Crocheted Infinity Gauntlet

April 10, 2018


This is the crocheted Infinity Gauntlet crafted by Liz of blog Amigurumi Barmy (pattern available in her Etsy shop for $6). As you can clearly see, she did a great job. Just imagine sitting in the throne of your evil lair wearing that thing and petting the cat in your lap. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Yeah it does. Now imagine laying in a hammock between two shady palms on a tropical beach, the love of your life by your side, tropical drink in one hand, their butt in the other. Sounds even better, doesn't it? Remember: it doesn't take ultimate power to be happy. Life lessons -- you owe me $10 for that one.

Keep going several more shots including one of a bunch of the Marvel and DC characters she's crocheted (check out her blog if you want to see particulars in detail, and her Etsy shop for a ton of character patterns).







Thanks again to K Diddie, who agrees even the power of an Infinity Stone doesn't hold a candle to the power of true friendship. That's another life lesson, and another $10 from you por favor.

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