Tractor Trailer Dump Truck With Load In Air Battles Pedestrian Bridge

April 5, 2018


This is a video from Highway 40 near Repentigny, Québec, Canada of a tractor trailer dump truck with its load raised attempting to do battle with a pedestrian bridge. SPOILER: The pedestrian bridge wins. Thankfully, nobody were injured in the incident, but a tractor trailer dump truck Transformer named Shitspill did lose its life. What was all the stuff that came out though? Because I thought it was chocolate milk at first but apparently it was corn. And not corn dogs either or otherwise the news would have read, "Blogger eats 600 corn dogs from middle of highway, dies happy, really did have the world's super coolest penis."

Keep going for the seven second video, then meet me in the utility closet for seven minutes in heaven. I love the smell of cleaning supplies.

Thanks to Xavier LT, who agrees you have to pick and choose your battles carefully -- you can't just go fighting every bridge you come across.

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