That's What You Get: Workers Fail To Barricade Wet Cement, Car Drives Right Through It

April 13, 2018

This is a video from Dallas, Texas of a cement company who repairs a patch in a parking lot, but fails to put up barricades until after a car drives right through it. That was your bad. The video is way better than the gif though because the guy filming and his buddy's commentary and laughter is very value-add. Plus after the incident one of the workers throws his construction hat before angrily putting the barricades up. I don't even work for a cement company but PROTIP: You should have done that earlier.

Keep going for the video while I admit it does take a special kind of person to drive through what clearly appears to be wet cement with a bunch of cement equipment sitting nearby.

Thanks to Andy, who agrees he should have jumped it Dukes Of Hazzard style.

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