Solo: A Star Wars Story Gets An Official Trailer

April 9, 2018


This is the official trailer for the May 25th release of Solo: A Star Wars. I liked Donald Glover and Woody Harrelson. Some advice from Beckett (Harrelson) to Han Solo: "Let me give you some advice -- assume everyone will betray you, and you will never be disappointed." Apparently Han disregarded that advice. Or maybe he thrives on disappointment. Or maybe he just always wanted to know what it felt like to be frozen in carbonite for a year while ever alien who walks by in Jabba's palace rubs his crotch for good luck and a safe return from space battle. *shrug* I'll try anything once too.

Keep going for the trailer while I start camping out at the local IMAX theater. "Nobody does that anymore." Nobody but me.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, for reminding me of what I'd already forgotten.

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