So, We've Come To This: Urinals That Play Video Ads While You Pee

April 19, 2018


This is a new advertising urinal (although they can also display news or company info instead for workplace environments) by Dutch toilet manufacturer Mr. Friendly, who I always seem to run into in public restrooms. It's a waterless urinal with a small screen at the top that displays video ads whenever motion is detected. A couple problems: 1) it just gives men something else to aim at when they should be focusing all their effort on making it in the toilet, 2) why not just install screens above the toilet? At least a guy wouldn't be able to hit those without risking peeing in his own eyes (I could still do it), and 3) who looks down while they pee anyways? I stare straight ahead at the wall in front of me and think about the waterfalls on Pandora. Besides, peeing isn't hard, I know what I'm doing. "Yeah? Because your shoes are soaked." Dammit, it must have gotten caught in the cuff of my pants again. "Your penis?" *wink*

Keep going for a video in case a three minute video about a urinal is something that stirs your interest while I try to see what the guy next to me is watching.

Thanks to Clark, who agrees peeing should be a quiet time of contemplation, not advertising.

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