Smart: Compressed Wood Fire-Starting Matches Burn Up To 7 Minutes

April 24, 2018


These are the Trailblazer Fire Starter Sticks with Match Heads. They cost $6 for a box of forty and are made of compressed wood that, when lit like a regular match, can burn for over seven minutes while you fumble around trying to get a fire started because you were a shitty Cub Scout. I bet your dad built your pinewood derby car too. Me? I never have any trouble getting a fire started because I don't go anywhere without a CamelBak full of gasoline and two torch lighters. "Be prepared." Exactly, I was a good Scout. "But weren't you banned from the troop for hiding in the woods and ambushing your fellow Scouts with sharp sticks and rocks?' I taught them lessons our Scoutmaster was too afraid to.

Keep going for one more shot while I play the flick lit matches in my trashcan game.


Thanks to Tank, who agrees who needs matches when you've got a cannon?

  • Seven minute real-time video or it didn't happen.

  • Laurenz Parsons

    This type of match has been around for over a decade

  • Fartbutt

    I was a shitty cub scout, I wish these were around then so i could use my parents credit card to order them to save money and finally get the fire starting badge

  • GeneralDisorder

    The key to starting a fire is to start small and work your way up. There's definitely a sex joke but I'm not clever enough to make it.

  • Your parents used a credit card back then?

  • Fartbutt

    Debit card, credit card. When I was like 12 it was 2003

  • Bling Nye
  • GeneralDisorder
  • shashi

    i've got wood

  • Frédéric Purenne

    So if I light one and put it in the box with the others, will it last 4 and a half hours?

  • 600k?

    HA HA your post back fired.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I'm confused, I thought it would box fire.

  • The_Wretched

    Only If you line them up like laying down dominos. you could probably make a pretty cool goldberg video out of that idea and Geekology would then post it. It's like the circle of life.

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