Smart: Compressed Wood Fire-Starting Matches Burn Up To 7 Minutes

April 24, 2018


These are the Trailblazer Fire Starter Sticks with Match Heads. They cost $6 for a box of forty and are made of compressed wood that, when lit like a regular match, can burn for over seven minutes while you fumble around trying to get a fire started because you were a shitty Cub Scout. I bet your dad built your pinewood derby car too. Me? I never have any trouble getting a fire started because I don't go anywhere without a CamelBak full of gasoline and two torch lighters. "Be prepared." Exactly, I was a good Scout. "But weren't you banned from the troop for hiding in the woods and ambushing your fellow Scouts with sharp sticks and rocks?' I taught them lessons our Scoutmaster was too afraid to.

Keep going for one more shot while I play the flick lit matches in my trashcan game.


Thanks to Tank, who agrees who needs matches when you've got a cannon?

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