Security Cam Footage Of A Man's Laptop Exploding, Setting His Office On Fire

April 2, 2018

This is some security cam footage from the office of Steve Paffett (owner of net and fabric producer Allplas in Letchworth, England) of a 2014 HP Envy laptop that was left to charge overnight exploding and setting the office ablaze. The fire remains relatively contained for a short period, before spreading to a desktop PC and a piece of framed art on the wall. In his own words while I fray the cord of my own laptop to see if I can get a similar reaction:

The managing director of the tarpaulins and netting specialists was at home asleep when his work intruder alarm woke him.

"I jumped on the CCTV app on my phone," said Steve.

"The exterior of the building seemed secure, but I thought I would check inside.

"To my horror I was watching a bonfire on my office desk. I thought 'what am I going to do?' It was awful.

"I don't think anywhere near enough of us are aware of the potential 'bombs' we have indoors. I was sat at that seat earlier that day and I swear it would have taken my face off or killed me."

Obviously, I just submitted a request form to IT for the same model of laptop to use here at work. Fingers crossed! "You're saying you want to burn the building down." I'm not saying it, I'm just silently hoping for it. So, what do you think -- is this the perfect crime or what? "You wrote 'BURN, BABY, BURN! IT WAS ME' on your whiteboard." That should all melt in the fire.

Keep going for a shot of the aftermath and a video of the laptop doing its best firework impression.


Thanks to David M, who agrees behind every fire is an attempt at insurance fraud. Or, okay, an arsonist or an accident.

  • silentstone7

    "I thought 'what am I going to do?"
    Call the fire department? Watch it burn and think of the insurance money? Why is this a question?

  • shashi

    coz of the cop standing behind the reporter. Lest we forget:

  • GeneralDisorder

    I watched The Confession Tapes on Netflix and the one episode where the lady is convicted of murdering her daughter the lawyer says "the worst thing you can do is survive a fatal house fire because you'll be a suspect in a murder case for everyone who died".

    Sadly far too true. Cameron Todd Willingham was put to death by the state of Texas for surviving the fire that killed his three daughters. The evidence "there was an accelerant on the floor". As if children won't play with lighter fluid. That case still makes me angry.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I blame Samsung, their cute explody Galaxy Note 7's started a bad craze..

  • Bling Nye

    "I was sat at that seat earlier that day and I swear it would have taken my face off or killed me" ...what a drama queen, didn't he see that Chinese(?) dude that bit a battery and had it blow up in his mouth? He and the other bystanders were fine...................................... probably.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Probably had some metal fume sickness but they most likely weren't burnt too badly.

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