Remains Of A Medieval Man Reveal He Replaced His Severed Hand With A Blade

April 18, 2018


These are the remains of a 6th - 8th century medieval Italian man who researchers believe had his severed hand replaced with a knife, because that's what you do when you lose a hand -- you replace it with a weapon. Back me up, Captain Hook! "I'm gonna kill Pan AND that croc!" Oh, you. Tell Smee to bring us some more wine. And look out -- a mosquito just landed on your pants!

All the other male burials with knives at the site had their arms and their weapons laid at their sides. But not this guy.

He had his right arm bent at the elbow, the arm laid across his torso. Next to it was a knife blade, the butt aligned with his amputated wrist. Also at the amputation site, archaeologists found a D-shaped buckle, and decomposed organic material - most likely leather.

This suggests a leather cap over the amputated limb, a buckle used for fastening - and a knife attached to the cap, although the purpose is unclear. However, given the advanced healing of the bone, it is clear the man lived for a long time after his hand had been amputated.

I wonder what sort of tales ol' Knifehand would have to share with us. Because I'm guessing some GOOD ONES. And probably some terrifying drinking stories as well. You told him you were going to put that knife WHERE? Man oh man, you're too wild -- I would never drink with you. I'm serious, high five to that! *leaves him hanging* What are you, nuts?

Thanks to Sebastian LP, who agrees a modern man would obviously choose a laser cannon.

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