Real Products That Exist: A Hunky Dude Circular Pool Float

April 24, 2018


You forgot to open your beer. Also: no glass in the pool area!

This is the single lady inspired $29 Inflatable Hunk Pool Ring Float created by Pop Fix and available on Amazon. He looks like a dream-hunk lifeguard and has a spot in his lifesaver float to hold a single drink. "Just one?" What did you expect -- you bought a hunky pool float, remember? You don't need two drink holders unless you're double-fisting as a result of SISS (Summer I'm Single Sadness), which, okay, it should have probably come with two drink holders.

Keep going for a couple more. Also, I contacted the manufacturer and they said while the float is not intended to be a used as a sex doll, I was more than welcome to experiment provided I didn't try to return it or leave a negative review.



Thanks to MSA, who agrees who needs a hunky pool float when you've got a REAL hunky lifeguard on duty. *oils up, flexes* Oh shit is that guy drowning?

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