Real Products That Are About To Exist: Heinz Mayochup, A Mayonnaise/Ketchup Mix

April 16, 2018


Heinz recently took to Twitter and said if 500,000 people voted that they should make Mayochup, that they'll release it in US stores. Well they got the necessary votes and now it's coming. Can't wait? Mix your own. Plus if you mix your own you can fine-tune the ketchup to mayo ratio specifically to your taste. Personally, I prefer a 2 to 1 ketchup to mayo mix, but that's just me and I've been doing this since I was tall enough to grab the condiment packets at Burger King. Feeling wild? Squirt some mustard in there too all willy-nilly until you've created an unsalvageable dumpster fire that your dad still makes you eat all of anyways because, "You've gotta learn to respect the condiments, son."

Thanks to JM, who agrees the key to the best ketchup/mayo blend is a little pickle relish.

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