Waste Not, Want Not: Woman Creates Bikini Out Of Taxidermied Frogs

April 16, 2018


Note: Picture edited for work modesty. Full shots after the jump/below.

Lousiana frog hunter Fabiana LeFleur learned from her father at an early age to use every part of a hunted animal as possible, so nothing goes to waste. And, two decades later, enter the frog bikini, a two-piece bathing suit made from seven taxidermied frogs Fabiana caught to eat. Some more info while I distract Kermit from ever seeing this:

Although she is happy with the results, LeFleur admits wearing the suit presents some challenges.

"They don't have an underwire, so there's not as much support as a standard bathing suit," she said. "As a piece of sportswear, a wardrobe malfunction would be inevitable."

She hopes her frog bikini inspires more people to find ways to use materials they would otherwise discard.

Inevitable wardrobe malfunctions -- tell me more. Also, sure, not wasting resources, that's an important lesson a lot of people could learn. Still, I can't help but feel that's my would-be prince covering her left tit. *shrug* Like the saying goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. "Just how many frogs have you kissed, GW?" Minus these ones? All of them -- plus most turtles (you never know).

Keep going for a couple more shots of the frog bikini's lack of support.




Thanks to Mark V, who was not born on the bayou and finds this all a little disconcerting.

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