Nope: Video From Spear Fisherman Of Shark Attacking Him

April 5, 2018


In fill the oceans with concrete news, this is a video of a spear fisherman getting attacked by a shark, which appears out of nowhere in the murky water and gets him from behind. Apparently the shark bit off one of his swim fins and broke one of his toes in the process, but he was able to escape otherwise unscathed. See, this is exactly why I don't go in the ocean past my ankles. And I'm not just saying that because any further and I'd get my penis wet, but that's 100% true.

Keep going for the video, attack starts around 1:15. I like how the shark comes back for seconds too. The rest of the video is the fisherman swimming backwards into the shallows and to safety, which is missable.

Thanks to Carsten, who agrees Poseidon apparently has a thing against spear fisherman.

  • Munihausen

    I wouldn't describe that as gnarly, exactly. Some great video, though, and the first-person view illustrates how f*cked most people would be in that situation.

  • Talon184

    As soon as he surfaces, his first comment isn't anything like, "Wow, glad to be alive" or "Goodness gracious, what an surprising encounter."

    No, he is just thrilled that he got it on video.


  • Ollie Williams

    Shark attack at 1:25
    Shark at 1:35
    Shark at 1:42

    There. I just saved you almost 5:30 minutes of bullshit.

  • Geekologie

    I did mention that at the end of the article

  • Ollie Williams

    I see that. You're amazing.

  • Draco Basileus

    Wetsuits...good for holding in the shit when one craps themselves.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I was concerned for his safety until I heard him talk at the end. Now I kinda wish he got bit more severely.

  • Mark

    well, that was longer then it needed to be.

    Why do they keep making scuba gear the color of seals?

  • I definitely do wonder why wetsuits almost mimic the exact look and even feel of a seal... but then I wonder if sharks see color or really use visual cues to make a determination of whether something is food. It's almost like by the time they are using their actual eyes they've probably already committed to the attack and are just using them to line up the bite.

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