Nailed It: UK Police's Composite Image Of Burglary Suspect

April 4, 2018


This is a composite shot released by the Warwickshire Police department in the UK of a burglary suspect. So, if you live in the area, be on the lookout for Pac-Man here.

They used E-FIT, or Electronic Facial Identification Technique, to create a computer render of the burglar's face based on composites of descriptions of his features. Unlike actual pencil and paper sketches, E-FITS tend to produce more accurate estimates of suspected criminals.

As ridiculous as it does look, I can almost guarantee when they do catch this guy the composite won't be that far from the truth. If you remember somebody had a big mouth, they probably have an unusually big mouth. Me? I don't really have any unique facial features. "You wear an eyepatch." But only for fun.

Thanks to TZ, who hopes they catch this guy and force-feed him all the dots but no power pellets.

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