Nailed It: Dude Tries To Jump Stream On Snowmobile

April 3, 2018


Because believing in yourself just still isn't enough sometimes, this is a video of some dude trying to jump a small creek on his snowmobile. While he technically does clear the creek, he ends up face-first in the snowbank on the other side, and rolls into the water himself. I have so many questions: Why didn't he get more speed (he basically tries to jump from a dead stop sitting on the opposite bank)? Why didn't he build a ramp first? Is your helmet supposed to come off that easy? Why can't I have friends who take risks? Why can't I have friends? Why can't I drink Red Bull after 6PM without wetting the bed? Does my girlfriend really buy it when I tell her it must have been one of the cats? Why can't I remember we don't have cats?

Keep going for the video, but skip to the last ten seconds for the guy filming to hock a loogie and for the actual jump.

Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees somebody needs to go back to stunt school, and it's not us.

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