Man Leaves Dash Cam On During Mercedes Service At Dealer, Discovers He Paid $700 For Work That Never Happened

April 6, 2018


This is the dashcam footage from Daniel Sheikhan's $170,000 Mercedes S63 AMG after he dropped it off at the dealer for a service appointment. After watching the footage he discovers the technicians spent a total of 11 minutes with the car on a lift before taking it out to get Frosties at Wendy's. Then they run the car through the wash and drop it back off, charging him $700 for transmission service, which is apparently the technical term for joyriding to Wendy's for Frosties. No word what they do for a lube job.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to SD, who's not surprised.

  • Steve Picray

    The richer they are the cheaper they are. Yeah, that's how they stay rich, dude.

  • Paganpink

    THAT WAS IN 2015! The dealership said that they took appropriate action at that time. He's searching for a discount or something.

  • harrybarracuda

    It's not yer parts, it's yer labour mate.

  • Benjamin S. Brigham

    The guy who posted this video for public consumption is an asshole, I know industry from my brother road testing is a very common process. The fact that the tech didn't see that the parts were in the trunk is irrelevant, taking the car to get some food about 3 minutes down the road also not inappropriate. I'm sure this video made it to corporate and the poor bastard lost his job while Mr. 170k luxury car got tumescent from his power over some plebs. SMH

  • JJtoob

    My mechanic just cursed at traffic during the test drive at the end lol. No fraud as far as I could tell, though.

  • c932093

    This guy's disdain for the customer is duly noted.

  • Robert A'Beuy

    $170,000 for a car? At that price, it should never break down....ever.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Check out prices on high end Jaguars. Jaguars are great unless you take them out of their normal habitat which is in the shop with the hood up and a mechanic working on something electrical or dripping with oil.

  • asdfadfs

    a dashcam isn't normally on 24/7, it got triggered by turning the car on right?

    how much carwork do you usually do with the engine running

  • disqus_QfoWdcHRRj

    I usually unplug the dash cams and unplug the obd gps before cranking the cars at our dealer

  • Guesticle

    because staring the engine with them plugged in can fry some models? or because you're hiding something?

  • disqus_QfoWdcHRRj

    Both.. and i object to being filmed. I do my job as required... whether i get food in your car or parts has no consequence to the work being performed.. plus the stupid obd gps interferes with diagnostics. The service was not done in 11 minutes.
    you have to turn the vehicle off in order to service the car. Before or after a transmission service it is customary to drive the car to make sure there are no shifting issues. Sure it's awkward to take the car to a Wendy's and get Frosty's but what difference does it make and who gives a damn if the guys are talking about the customer?

  • bobjr94

    Well you can flush or drain and refill a transmission in 11 minutes. They probably gave him a written estimate and he signed it.

    Transmission service - parts $400 labor $250 - environmental fee $50 total $700. The amount of time it actually takes makes no difference once he agreed to pay $700.

    A job says it should take 3 hours, the tech does it in 1.2 hours, the dealer still charged you 3 and the tech gets paid for more time then he actually worked.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I object to road testing being "getting food" use a dealer loaner for that or you own car. Otherwise, yeah. Who cares how long it's on a lift.

  • asdfadfs

    well if the food is within the radius of the testdrive miles, i guess it'd be a waste of gas not to and also probably justifiable by "testing in realworld conditions" ;)

  • Jane Roberts

    I had the same problem with them. They charged me for a service and falsified my records. They tried to over charge $3800 on my last Mercedes. I don’t do baseball so we not going to have three strikes. This last time was a lesson learn. FYI, the State regulates their license and the Attorney General is very helpful. These people are not only ripping off customers they are risking our lives.

  • philster7656

    I don't know what they do in a "trans service" on that car, but if it's only changing the fluid 11 minutes may be all the time they need. (Although I wonder about the parts in the trunk.) The reason it costs $700 is because it's a $170K Mercedes. Mechanics always test drive a car after they work on it, although the Frosty run to Wendy's seems a little much.

  • JJtoob

    But what about the driving around the dealership parking lot? And the technicians sounded like they had parts ready so I figure the parts were necessary.

  • RichInOR

    I would love to be that car owner because by the time I was finished with them, I would be one of the new dealers owners..

  • Nicholas Conrad
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