London Bar Develops Its Own Dog Drink Menu To Celebrate National Pet Month

April 5, 2018


To celebrate National pet month (April in the UK, May in the United States), the Smith & Whistle Bar in Mayfair, London has temporarily renamed itself the Smith & Whistle & Max and introduced a dog drink menu with four froufrou mixology drinks made specifically for dogs. The menu while I throw back a couple greyhounds for lunch:

The exclusive 'Dogtail' menu, includes four drinks - the Poochie Colada, with equal amounts kale and broccoli blended with coconut water, the Hound's Hops, a blend of specially brewed dog beer and fresh mint, the G&T: Ginger Tails which combines fresh ginger and tonic and lastly our personal favorite, the Bubbly Bow Wow which comes with UK's only dog-friendly Prosecco and liquidized blueberries. Each of the unique drinks are ready to be served to doggies in goblets

Sure, why not? After all, what good is money if you can't spend it on $8 drinks for your dog? Just don't tell your cats, because they like fancy drinks too and hold grudges. Like, for life. One time I gave my dog a treat without giving my cat one and he's never shit inside the litterbox since.

Keep going for a couple more dog shots and the menu.





Thanks to v, who agrees all pets should have their own bars where they're able to get away from their owners and relax for a while. Like Cheers, except Barks and Meows.

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