I'm Flying, Jack!: Dirt Biker Crosses 3.4-Miles Atop Italy's Lake Como On Modified Bike

April 18, 2018

These are two videos of Italian dirt biker Luca Colomba speeding 5.5 kilometers (~3.4 miles) from Gravedona to Colico across the surface of Lake Como on a bike fitted with front and rear skis and a rear paddle tire. "Don't outdo me again." Jesus, ladies and gentlemen! Hey can you show me that water into wine thing? I'm having a party this weekend and my bank account balance looks like the total of a Taco Bell receipt. Also, if you've got the time, that two fish and five loaves to feed 5,000 thing would be a huge help too. Realistically though I'll probably only need enough to feed four. "Thousand?" Just four -- I'm thinking a saltine and a sardine should do the trick.

Keep going for a professionally shot overview of the whole feat, as well as a much poorer quality video from a boat chasing alongside him.

Thanks again to Tank, who probably couldn't have done that without some serious modifications and being made out of aluminum foil.

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