Guy Captures Video Of Waterspout Forming, Wreaking Some Havoc

April 24, 2018

This is a video captured by Dave of Fort Walton Beach, Florida of a waterspout forming and proceeding to wreak some havoc (you know I love havoc) while his wife yells for him to get inside. I probably would have listened to her. In his own words while I call my girlfriend and promise to do whatever she says from now on as long as it doesn't involve other people's weddings or pants:

"I was getting ready to put some steaks on the grill, looking at the sky and I noticed it looked rather ominous. I ran back inside, asking Kathy to take our dog and head to the guest bathroom while I grabbed my cell phone and headed back to the balcony. While I got the phone unlocked and into video mode the waterspout started forming, but as it turned out we were able to catch early in it's transformation and caught it makes it way from the gulf, over Okaloosa Island, across the sound and into Fort Walton Beach proper."

Admittedly, that looked pretty terrifying as it made its way towards their condo. I'm not sure I would have stayed out there filming except you absolutely know I would have, the whole time yelling, "IS THAT THE BEST YOU'VE GOT, GOD?! BRING YOUR WORST!" Of course that's just me and I've heard authentic yellow brick road bricks are worth their weight in ruby slippers on eBay.

Keep going for the video while I write Dave to find out if those steaks ever got cooked.

Thanks to NH, who would have punched that waterspout right in the eye and told it to go back where it came from.

  • Jenness

    This video is quite good quality. It really is astounding to see the air patterns on the water and to be able to see the debris patterns as it shoots out of the sky. So terrifying and that wasn't even a very powerful one but still did a lot of damage to things in its path. I hope no one was hurt.

  • Swanky G.

    Just like a typical boat owner. Willing to go to any length to brag that they have a boat.

  • Fartbutt

    Its cyclos from zelda!

    I would have jumped in to teleport to Hawaii, or to the master sword

  • Wraith

    At 1:40-1:50, I'd be looking for shelter I think

  • econoking

    "SEND THAT TO THE NEWS" or viral hog, whatever.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Viralhog stole it. That's what the channel's based on.

  • Wilf Smith

    Cool. I find tornados utterly spell binding. My life expectancy would probably be measured in minutes if I lived in the US anywhere near tornado country - I'd be standing outside gawping at them.

  • Andyman7714

    Did that once. Standing on a picnic table with my buddy outside of work watching a tornado form about 5 miles away. Boss man came and yank our collective asses inside. Geez, it was only a small one.

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