Good Aim: Woman, Drinking For First Time Since Giving Birth, Frisbees Frozen Pizza Into Oven

April 17, 2018


Now that the bun is out of her oven, this is a video of Twitter user josie_grady's sister tipsy for the first time since giving birth and tossing a frozen pizza in an oven frisbee-style with such accuracy I can only assume she's a former Ultimate Frisbee champion. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "A compilation of frozen pizza trick shots?" Exactly. If I had thrown that pizza? It would have instantly become a cheese and pepperoni with dust bunnies and dog hair special. Don't get me wrong, I still would have eaten it, I'd just probably have to cook it a little longer. "At least until the burnt hair smell is gone." At least, and possibly until the fire trucks arrives.

Keep going for the video while the frozen pizza frisbee challenge takes off on social media. I called it.

Thanks to Lucinda, who wants to see somebody do the same thing with a pan of meatloaf.

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