Freaky Deaky: MRI Footage Of A Person's Tongue Moving As They Speak And Sing In German

April 30, 2018

Thanks to advances in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), these are a couple real-time videos of the voluntary and involuntary movements a person's tongue makes as they speak and sing (in German). Some more info about the technology while I make a vow of silence because I don't want any of this going on inside me ever again:

Frahm and his team finally solved the problem of the high number of required individual measurements with FLASH2. Simply put, FLASH2 is the FLASH technology with video function: It uses a new mathematical process for image reconstruction and thus manages only a few individual measurements per image. The technique significantly accelerated MRI scans once more and allowed for up to 100 frames per second. FLASH2 makes live processes inside the body visible - a major step forward in medical diagnostics. For the first time, it is possible to directly observe joint movements, speech movements, swallowing processes or the beating heart and draw conclusions about why the knee hurts when bending, someone suffering from heartburn, stutters or pain in the chest area.

Fascinating. "Did you even read that?" It could have been Avengers fan erotica for all I know, and it probably was. I actually have a friend who's writing an erotic Avengers novel on his Facebook wall and I drop by from time to offer words of encouragement like, "Such vivid imagery," and, "Mad boners over here, bro! Keep it up."

Keep going for the video while I pop over to see if he's dropped another chapter yet.

Thanks to hairless, who informed how rewarding it was to turn down the volume and pretend the person is repeating, "Come lick my lips, loverboy" over and over again.

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