Fore!: Protective Goose Takes Out High School Golfer

April 25, 2018


These are three shots of a Canadian Goose taking out a Blissfield, Michigan high school golfer that wandered too close to a nest for its liking. Thankfully, neither golfer nor goose was injured during the altercation. Man, those Canadian geese -- they're no joke. I remember when I was like five or six my mom took me and my brother to the pond to feed the ducks and these geese came out of nowhere and just kept biting my ass as we ran back to the car. I bet I still have scars. *pulling down pants* Well? "Just a bunch of toilet paper crumbles." Dammit, I told my roommate to stop buying the cheap stuff.

Keep going for two more action-packed shots.



Thanks to hairless and IA, who agree it goes birdie, eagle, albatross, condor. Nobody should be getting geese on the course.

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