Finally, An Emperor Palpatine Throne Inspired Armchair

April 27, 2018


This is the $1,500 Emperor's Throne inspired armchair manufactured and sold by Regal Robot (don't worry -- custom upholstery available if black and purple faux-leather don't vibe with your rumpus room. The uncomfortable armrests are standard though). Its shape resembles Emperor Palpatine's throne in the throne room aboard the second Death Star in Return Of The Jedi. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the hood overhead (perfect for casting menacing shadows) or any lights or buttons to push. Buttons are important to me, because I like pushing them. Like this one here -- what's this one do? "That's your computer's power bu--

Haha, aaaaand we're back. Keep going for several more shots including a couple of a very un-emperor looking dude sitting in it, as well as the original from the movie for reference.







Thanks to Ryan WL, who agrees it's hard to look intimidating when your elbows keep sliding off your poorly designed armrests.

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