Finally, A Decent Web-Based Customizable Cat Purr Emulator

April 20, 2018


Note: Stop trying to click the picture above, you have to go to the website.

This is Purrli, a web-based cat purr emulator that you can customize to achieve the perfect purr. I just spent ten minutes fine tuning a purr and now I'm so relaxed I could fall asleep at my desk. I'm not at my desk though, I'm in a bathroom stall, and I'm not leaving until the meeting I'm supposed to be attending is almost over. You think I can't walk into a conference room at the last minute and look everyone dead in the eyes and announce I just had insane diarrhea? You don't know what I'm capable of.

The sound of a purring cat is one of the most comforting sounds available and can help soothe and calm you down when you're feeling stressed. Naturally, it's not just the sound that is important, but it's also the presence of the warm cuddly cat. Purrli tries to recreate both the sound and the presence of your very own virtual cat through a custom sound engine modelled after real purrs.

With a purr that delicately changes over time, Purrli aims at making the experience as real and lively as possible. Just like a real cat, Purrli will call for your attention. Just be careful when adjusting the last slider, if you don't want to be nagged in the middle of your work.

PROTIP: If you're going for maximum relaxation turn the bottom slider all the way to the left like I did in the picture, otherwise the cat meows occasionally, which, at full volume, was enough to make me believe I was being attacked by a mountain lion. That's no way to relax. Now I just need a massager that feels like a cat kneading my belly and I'll sleep like a baby. "Waking up shitting yourself and crying?" Exactly, the usual.

Thanks to hairless, who may or may not be one of those freaky-deaky looking cats.

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