Everybody Needs A Hobby: Video Of A Guy Eating 117-Year Old Concentrated Beef From A British Army Ration

April 20, 2018


"That right there -- actually looks pretty good." Ahahahahaha, WHAT?!

This is a video of ration enthusiast (seriously -- just look at his Youtube channel) SteveMRE1989Info eating a beef ration distributed to British soldiers during the Second Boer War (1899 - 1902). Great, here comes madder cow disease.

Engineered to deliver calories and carbs and not much else, the tin was packed with cocoa powder and a highly-processed form of beef that was pulverized, cooked, dried, and then compressed into what could be considered the original protein bar.

A century of storage turned the beef into what looks like a dry clump of dirt, and Steve confirmed the taste was not that far off from soil.

Steve then used the ration's alternative serving instructions in an attempt to make a beef broth, which unsurprisingly turns out poorly. Still, after reviewing Steve's Youtube channel it appears a lot more people are into videos like this than I'd previously expected, which is why I just launched my own Youtube channel of me eating all the expired food in my pantry. Will I get sick? "Hopefully." Will I die? "Hopefully." Tune in to find out and watch me hurl!

Keep going for the video, but skip around. The good stuff starts around 10:30. And by good I mean fair/okay.

Thanks to Michael M, who agrees expiration dates are only there to make us waste food anyways.

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