Drink Up: A Beer Pong Shot So Bad It's Good

April 26, 2018

The beer pong game is tied, you're both down to a single cup -- what do you do? If you're this guy, you bounce the ball off the rim of your opponent's cup and directly into your own. I have so many questions. Has this guy ever been struck by lightning before? You seriously don't have any tables taller than a coffee table? What are they playing with, Coca-Cola? Because I remember one time in college I went to an apartment party and they'd bought a keg of non-alcoholic O'Doul's and by 10PM everyone was acting drunk and then they were all, "Surprise, you've all been drinking non-alcoholic beer -- look at you fools!" and that's when I produced a now-empty flask from my pocket and puked all over their sofa.

Keep going for the whole video in case you're into hootin' and hollerin' and carrying on.

Thanks to Big Spender, who failed to include a link to some free cryptocurrency in his tip.

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