Cheaters Never Win: Billy Mitchell Officially Stripped Of Donkey Kong High Scores

April 13, 2018


After months of research and review, video game world record tracker Twin Galaxies has determined Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong high scores were in fact achieved via an emulator and not an original arcade game. Twin Galaxies has removed his Donkey Kong high scores as well as all other scores he's held, banned him from competitive gaming tournament, and notified the Guinness Book Of World Records that he's a dirty sham. You can read the official statement from Twin Galaxies HERE, or watch the video I included after the jump, which details what he did and what gave it away (Twin Galaxies member Jeremey Young first noticed the level transitions didn't match those of an original arcade machine and suspected they were produced by an emulator). Hahhaha, man -- cheating at old video games then non-stop bragging about your scores. And I thought I was a loser.

Keep going for a very informative video about what exactly went on with Mitchell's cheating.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, the majority of whom agreed karma.

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