Baby Owls Born On Window Ledge Stare Inside Office

April 17, 2018


This is a shot from the office of one of UCLA professor Michael Lens's colleagues of a group of baby owls that were born on the window ledge a few weeks ago and constantly stare into the office. Obviously, my favorite is the one on the left (closeup after the jump), because it's clearly the most special of the three. It kind of reminds me of the Weasley family's owl, Errol. I feel sorry for whoever's office that is though, because how are you supposed to get anything done when you're having such a hoot?! "You really are a dad now, aren't you GW?" I don't know how it could have happened! "Sex?" Ahahahahaha! "AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Okay that's enough.

Keep going for a closeup of owl numero uno.


Thanks again to becca b, who informed me owls are good luck, but owls that lay golden eggs are even luckier.

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