Australian Man's Novel Approach To Fly Problem

April 26, 2018


Note: Some Australian cursing, but his accent is so soothing is sounds like romance poetry.

This is a video of an Australian outdoorsman in Uluru, Central Australia demonstrating his technique for getting rid of a fly problem. Namely, eating one to scare the other flies away. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: It doesn't work. Like, at all. I don't know why I actually thought it was going to work when he was talking about it, but probably because I haven't seen a single roach in the kitchen since I left the carcass of the one I popped with my foot out in the open as a warning. You know, plus I only go in the kitchen with my eyes closed and feel around for the refrigerator because I'm sure they're all over the f***ing place and I just don't have it in me to deal with that right now.

Keep going for the video, which doesn't really teach anything except what doesn't work.

Thanks to hairless, who tried the same thing as I did except with a spider and now he's convinced its entire extended family is plotting against him, which they 100% are.

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