All The Rage This Spring: Braided Roses Hairstyles

April 17, 2018


These are several shots of the beautiful braided rose hairstyles developed by Fairfield, Connecticut stylist Alison Valsamis. How does she do it? Let me copy/paste that for you while I twirl my hair with one finger and make come-hither eyes at you. "You're cross-eyed." No, I'm just not putting all my eggs in only your basket.

"To create these roses, I start with a small 3-strand braid rolled up to serve as the centermost part,"..."Next, I alternate between standard fishtails and Dutch fishtails pulled apart to create depth. I finish with a Dutch 3-strand braid only pulled out on the outermost side to create the large petal feel of a rose in bloom."

No word how many ladies just saved these photos so they could rush to their stylist to get something similar done before the second half of Coachella this weekend, but I'm guessing a small to fair amount. I mean, at least a handful of the ones who aren't already wearing culturally appropriated Native American headdresses. "Wow, GW, you're sassy today." TAXES.

Keep going for several more shots of the beautiful hairflowers, which really are lovely.





Thanks to becca b, promised to make me a braided rose hair wig so I can experience being beautiful for once. Thanks! "I'll draw a pretty face on a grocery bag too." I'm gonna need it.

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