A Video Of The World's Smallest Sushi (Made With A Single Grain Of Rice)

April 2, 2018


This is a video from Sushiya no Nohachi in Tokyo, which has become famous for its tiny sushi (each piece is made with a single grain of rice). The tiny sushi platter (which includes a piece of toro (tuna), tai (sea bream), chūtoro (medium fatty tuna), hokkigai (surf clam), uni (sea urchin), tako (octopus), tamago (egg), and gari (pickled ginger)) is free provided you buy at least $50 of regular-size sushi, although the chefs will only prepare the dish a few times a week, and only five per day). Has it ever made anyone cry? I'm glad you asked!:

The tiny sushi idea originally came from a customer in 2002 who challenged the owner's son (Ikeno Hironori) to see how small he could make a piece of sushi. Over time, it became something they were known for.

He told us that one woman from Europe burst into tears and cried for an hour and a half after seeing the cute, little sushi.

Wait -- she cried for an hour and a half?! Was this woman's family killed by tiny sushi or something? What's wrong with her? Don't get me wrong, I've cried plenty over Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, but sushi? Also, this isn't actually the world's smallest sushi, because I just made even smaller sushi using a partial SLICE of a single grain of rice. "That's a booger." Still tastes like the ocean.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Krypton Don, who invited me to an $8.99 all-you-can-eat sushi buffet, which I politely declined because the last time I did that I got worms.

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