A Bad Lip Reading Of Clips From Mark Zuckerberg's Congressional Hearing

April 30, 2018


"Mom? Could you get me my Frodo ring? I want it here."

Seen here with a woman behind him trying to steal his thoughts through the back of his head, this is a very well executed (as usual) bad lip reading of clips from Mark Zuckerberg's congressional hearing. Man, if this is actually what people said during these congressional hearings, they would be a lot more watchable. They don't though, which is why I'm rewatching all 172 episodes of Three's Company. Would you come knock on my door? "No." Come on. "No." Please? "Why do you want me to so bad?" I booby-trapped my welcome mat, I wanna see if it works. Just remember to duck, jump, then roll to the right, in that order. Or is it left? Whatever, we'll see.

Keep going for the video.

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