23-Year Old Substitute Teacher Arrested For Allowing A 'Fight Club' In High School Math Classroom

April 18, 2018


Seen here looking like the exact sort of substitute teacher that would think starting a fight club in their classroom would be a good idea when he was high, 23-year old Ryan Fish poses for his mugshot after being arrested for allowing students to slug it out fight club style in a math classroom in Montville High School in Montville, Connecticut. He also looks like he's been crying.

The students told police Fish even moved classroom trash cans out of the way so they can keep fighting each other.

When police asked Fish what happened during class, he told them "I would let them be teenagers and let them get their energy out."

In the arrest warrant, Fish told police he didn't set up the fights but he would watch them, and said: "I will admit that I did at one point egg them on."

He also mentioned, "the truth is I'm an idiot and wanted to befriend them." He also said, "I'm immature."

Fish says he felt bad about the whole thing, saying "I would say I feel horrible about what happened to be honest. I didn't think it was ok, I didn't know what else to do."

Ahahahahaha, he just wanted the students to like him. Man, I've got the feeling this guy's got a hard time making friends. Also, starting an organized, extracurricular fight club is one thing, but you can't just let kids go at each other all willy-nilly in a math classroom. You ever been stabbed by the pointy end of a compass before? It hurts. Just ask the kid I stabbed with the pointy end of a compass. "It hurts." Told you. It's cool though we became friends in detention after I let him stab me with a mechanical pencil.

Thanks to K Diddie, for reminding me of Mrs. Gitland, the best high school substitute teacher of all time (she spent the whole period telling stories like about how her daughter was growing weed in Arizona). Different strokes for different folks -- that was her motto (also the reason I've used it as a tag for 1,798 Geekologie articles).

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