Yikes: Diver Looks Up To See A Great White Swimming Right Above Him

March 29, 2018

This is a video from Cape Shanck, Victoria, Australia (about an hour and a half south of Melbourne) of a diver who looks up to realize there's a great white swimming right above him.
Like RIGHT above him -- just feet away. So what's the protocol in this situation? "Shit your wetsuit." And then? "Shit it till your bowels run dry." Cool, so exactly what I would have done.

Keep going going for the video.

Thanks to Laura F, who doesn't feel safe in anything larger than a kiddy pool. I don't even feel safe washing my hands anymore, which is why I'm not going to.

  • Dao

    Haha that is about 40 minutes from my house.

  • Munihausen


  • Bling Nye

    One must assume this footage was recovered from the GoPro that was recovered from inside of the shark....

    Also, I'm impressed with their breathing, I expected it to be much more rapid... not sure what depth they're at, guessing maybe 35-40 feet, but man if you start breathing fast you can blow through your air much faster than you'd expect. Kudos to the diver for keeping calm. Panic under water can kill you faster than a shark.

  • TheQiwiMan


  • Mark

    What made it worse was that it kept circling him......AHHHHHHH


  • Fartbutt

    Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

  • Bling Nye

    Have you ever tried running under water? Literally like dream running in a nightmare.

  • Mark

    well, I was going for a direct Monty Python quote but I suppose SWIM AWAY!!! would work better in this scenario.

  • Bling Nye

    Yes, of course! The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! 'Tis one of the sacred relics Brother Maynard carries with him. Brother Maynard! Bring up the Holy Hand Grenade!

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