What Was That?: A 360-Degree Pannable Video With 360-Degree Audio Of 'Peace For Triple Piano'

March 14, 2018


This is a trippy video of three piano performances that have been stitched together to form one 360-degree pannable video (complete with 360-degree audio). It's technically "a spherical video in a mathematically triplified space with symmetry in space-time," and I'd be lying if it made any sense to me. I even watched the making-of video explaining it all and only got more confused. I'm not that bright. If I were a star I would definitely be-- "A black hole." Okay well I was going to say red dwarf, but I appreciate the confidence booster. Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.

This is a collaboration with mathematician Henry Segerman, with additional help from physicist Sabetta Matsumoto. There's a surprising amount of theory behind this video that we get into a little bit in the making of.

Use your phone and youtube app with headphones to be able to look around with spatial audio on this video. The making of video also includes a flat version so you can see it all at once.

Interesting. "You still have no clue, do you?" Absolutely none. Did they not just stitch three videos together that are each a 120-degree wedge of a sphere? Like I said before, I'm not that bright. If I were a candle, I would definitely be-- "Missing your wick." Wow, you just keep it coming, don't you?

Keep going for a flattened example of the video, as well as the actual performance and making-of video in case you feel like learning (I thought I did but it just made my head hurt).


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