Visions Of The Future: Animation Of A Boston Dynamics SpotMini Migration Across The Desolate Landscape

March 8, 2018


This is a Planet Earth parody animation created by Nicolas King with the help of fellow artists Vojislav Milanovic, Ramtin Ahmadi and Nawaz Ahmed imagining a not-so-distant future where a massive herd of Boston Dynamics SpotMinis try to migrate across the desolate wasteland that was once our beautiful earth. I imagine in a hundred years this will probably be accurate. Or I'll be declared King Of Earth after heralding a new age of global consciousness and respect for our planet. "I don't see that happening." Well you can't say I didn't offer. "Just out of curiosity, how would you go about that anyways?" A disease that wipes out humanity so we can return earth to the plants and animals but BEFORE the robots gain consciousness and establish dominance over everything. "So you would die too." That's just the sort of kind and benevolent leader I am. "A real martyr." The martyest martyr that ever was or will be.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Luc, who agrees humanity's road keeps forking and we keep taking the wrong way.

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