The Video Game Soda Machine Project Just Logged Its 2,000th In-Game Soda Machine

March 13, 2018


The Video Game Soda Machine Project is the brainchild of political science professor and video game developer Jess "Decaffeinated Jedi" Morrissette, who, since 2016 (previously discussed HERE) has been trying to catalog via screenshot every soda machine that's ever appeared in a video game. And the website has just logged its 2,000th machine! That's a lot of digital high fructose corn syrup. You can see the current progress HERE and contribute if you happen to know of one that's missing. Personally, I just spent twenty minutes racking my brain and it looks like they've already got every single one I could think of. "Which were?" Just the one above from Monkey Island.

Keep going for a shot of the 2,000th machine, from 'El Matador.'


Thanks Jess, and keep up the good work. And to zootghost, for reminding me I still have that quarter-on-a-string in one of these desk drawers. Somebody's drinking free root beer today!

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