The First Jeopardy! Tiebreaker Outside Of A Tournament

March 7, 2018


SPOILER: The guy in the middle doesn't win.

This is a very exciting video from Jeopardy! of the first tiebreaker ever seen outside a tournament. I actually watched this episode the night it came on, and, according to my calculations, was personally in the lead by over a billion dollars before Final Jeopardy. I'm lying, I suck at Jeopardy. Watching it keeps me humble and makes me feel dumb. Then I watch Wheel Of Fortune afterwards and go to bed convinced I'm the smartest person on the entire planet, whichI am absolutely too stupid to realize I'm not.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to K Diddie, whose considerable Geekologie tip-sending will almost certainly be discussed at his annual performance review at work.

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