That's Too Much: A $2-Million Bathtub Made From Petrified Wood

March 28, 2018


This is 'The Jewel', a $2-million bathtub carved from a 14-ton, 18-million year old piece of petrified wood (the bathtub itself doesn't weight 14-tons, just the giant piece of petrified wood it was once a part of). Speaking of petrified wood-- "Mummy boners." You're sick and I hope you get the help you need.

It's surface is [naturally] embedded with gemstones [typically jasper, chalcedony and, less frequently, opal] that have formed over its long life and this material is even credited by some with therapeutic and healing properties.

First of all, if I had the money to buy a $2-million bathtub, I don't need one with any mystical therapeutic or healing properties, my money would already have plenty of those. Hell, I wouldn't even need a bathtub, I'd just swim in my money like Scrooge McDuck. No coins though, I hate the way they make my hands smell.

Thanks to v, who agrees nobody needs a $2-million bathtub. That said, I still want it pretty bad.

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